Welcome to The Old Colony Company!

We started The Old Colony Company in 2010 as an experiment in local living following three basic principles:

  1. Good things are made by the hand and inspired by the heart
  2. Exceptional things are good things that make people more healthful and happy
  3. "Buying local" and "investing local" are the keys to creating thriving, economically vital communities

Our mission is simple: produce and sell exceptional things using ingredients from local and small, independent business.

We create natural products from ingredients supplied by local farms, artists, craftpersons and small, independent businesses. By sourcing locally, we improve the economic vitality of these businesses and the communities in which they operate.

We are focused on making and selling things people use everyday, multiple times a day, such as soap and skin care products. Our soap is handmade using the finest moisturizing oils and the highest possible concentration of fresh goat milk provided by local, family-owned farms. Our lotion bars are made from exotic, sustainable butters and therapeutic oils to sooth and repair dry skin. All our products are made from natural ingredients, free of preservatives and detergents.

Our company name is inspired by the strong sense of socially responsible entrepreneurship that has been the engine for thriving communities throughout man's history. A strong, global economy is a pixelated image, with each pixel being a local merchant, focused equally on their bottom line and the well-being of the communities in which they trade and operate.

We grew up in small towns with thriving local economies. People shopped at family-owned stores and ate food produced by local farms. Merchants were our neighbors, friends and employers. Companies cared about service. Products were healthy and built to last. Across our nation, these thriving economies are slowly withering. Those that still exist are becoming historic tourist attractions.

By making exceptional products sourced from small, independent farms and business, we hope to change this trend.

We are a small, start-up business just like those we support. Our products are handmade at our studio in the rural community of Middletown, Frederick County, Maryland. Everything from our fresh, natural ingredients to our packaging are sourced from local farms, artists, craftpersons, and small businesses throughout the United States. We are committed to partnering with small and independent businesses to make and sell products that result in sustainable, economically prosperous communities.

Take a look around our store, choose some things you like, and we'll get them out to you.