Beer & Goat Milk Soap

Like goat milk, beer has a long and illustrious history in body care. In Medieval times, people bathed in yeastily beer to relieve skin ailments and improve their overall well-being. Fast forward to the 20th century, and celebrities such as First Lady Jackie Kennedy popularized the use of beer to improve hair's body and shine. Today, beer spas can still be found throughout Europe. In this tradition of promoting health and wellness through beer, we make these beer and goat milk soaps using fresh local goat milk and the finest stouts, lagers and ales.

Typically beer soap does not smell like beer. Rather beer soap retains some of the beer's fragrant notes although these notes are usually faint. So, we enhance these notes with complimentary essential oils and fragrances to bring out the beer's essence.

If you are looking for a soap that smells like genuine beer, try our Golden Ale soap. It is made with genuine beer and scented with the fragrance of a fresh draught of pale ale.

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