Spring sure took its time getting here. With summer just around the corner we are eagerly awaiting the garden to bear its fruits. In the meantime, we are enjoying our newest seasonal creations: Wild carrot and Tomato goat milk soap.

wild carrot goat milk soapThese aren’t your garden variety soaps. Each is made with our exclusive blend of essential oils that embodied the earthy, herbaceousness of these plants and complementary herbs. If you are a fan of rosemary mint, lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus, you love our Wild Carrot and Tomato blends.

They smell great and are therapeutic too! We designed the Wild Carrot and Tomato soaps to enhance complexion for specific skin types: Wild Carrot for mature, aging skin, and Tomato for oily and acne-prone skin.

Wild Carrot goat milk soap is made with a generous amount of prized carrot seed oil (Daucus carota) rich in beta-carotene and vitamins B, C, D and E. Carrot seed oil is purported to increase elasticity and firmness of mature skin by stimulating red blood cells. Carrot seed oil has also been used to treat and rejuvenate dry skin and improve overall complexing. Scientific studies have shown this essential oil to also have antimicrobial properties. 1

Carrot seed oil has a strong, earthy and slightly camphorous aroma. While it lacks the sweeter scent of the freshly cut root, when combined with other herb and citrus essential oils such as orange and rosemary, the aroma approximates a freshly harvested bunch of orange carrots with the dirt, leaves and stems still in place.

Our Tomato goat milk soap is made with genuine tomato powder and a unique blend of basil, lemony litsea cubeba, and black pepper essential oils. More than just a seasonal novelty or gardening soap, this tomato soap is designed to be a moisturizing complexion wash, particularly for those with oily or acne prone skin. Research is demonstrating that basil essential oil may be effective at fighting acne while litsea cubeba has antiseptic, antibacterial properties.2, 3

When we told people we were making Wild Carrot and Tomato soaps, their first reaction was “will I smell like a vegetable?” and “will I look like an oompa loompa?”

tomato goat milk soapWhile such questions beg sarcasm, I too would be concerned about a scent that I’d rather taste than wear. We conceived these soaps because of their skin benefits rather than for novelty sake. These soaps do not have any pigment altering properties or lingering odors. While we love a good practical joke (remember our bacon soap?), we don’t recommend them as gag gifts. You only get the benefits from the moisturising oils, fresh goat milk and unique healing properties of the essential oils and powders. The only thing that will linger is the clean, rejuvenated feeling you’ll experience after using them.

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