cedar soap deckOur vision for The Old Colony Company is to improve the quality of people's lives and the vitality of local communities by making fine, handcrafted goods affordable, accessible, and essential to everyday life. Key to this vision is our sourcing from local farms, craftpersons and small, independent businesses. We believe a strong economy is a pixelated image, with each pixel being local and independent suppliers and merchants working together to market quality, affordable goods globally.

Our mission is a modern twist on an old idea: revitalize the local marketplace and make it globally accessible utilizing the benefits of modern technology. Our aim is not to be a catalog of random products of unknown origins. Rather, our aim is to offer essential goods sourced from the communities in which we live, work, and invest.

Prior to the 20th century’s world wars, local markets were the center of community activity. Products that are today considered artisan and “high-end” – from bread to soap -- were common, readily available and affordable. The rise of mass production of cheap alternatives during wartime shortages resulted in a decline in local marketplaces, and forced people to using cheaper alternatives. Seventy years later, most people are using cheap substitutions with consequences to their health and well-being. The war is over. Craftsmanship and quality is making a comeback. You can see it all around you, from artist and farmers’ markets to microbreweries.

men's shaving setOur partnerships with local artists and craft persons are the start of realizing our vision. We work with these artists to design unique and affordable everyday products for the bath and home. In keeping with our “source local” approach to doing business, we work with artists and craftpersons in our own community and across the nation.

Producing goat milk soap may seem like an odd place to start with such an audacious vision, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Soap is a universal staple. You bath with it; you clean with it, and even keep garden pests away with it. As the nucleus of our product offerings, soap presents many possibilities to partner with a wide variety of local artists.

This spring we will be showcasing the artists and craftpersons we work with to bring products we make and sell. If you are an artist, crafter, cottage business or independent small business and interested in partnering with us, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you and explore the possibilities of working together.