December Soap of the Month - Gift Sets
December – Soap Gift Sets for the Holidays   The perfect holiday gift - a gift set of handmade goat milk soap. Our regular two bar gift set consists of two bars of handmade goat milk soap - your choice of scents and a small hand carved cedar soap deck. Our soap decks are hand carved by Shelly who works here on the farm with the goats. Each gift set is packaged in an Old Colony Company gift box and includes a gift card for you to write a personal message.  ALL ARE SPECIALLY PRICED AT $25.   

In addition, we have created several gift sets to make your choice easy
 –   Off-Road Adventure Gift Set 
  ·         Bar of Off-Road Mountain Goat Soap
  ·         Bar of Off-Road Mountain Trail Soap
  ·         Hand carved cedar soap deck   

Tattoo gift set
 ·         Bar of Tattoo Soap – Fresh Scent
 ·         Bar of Tattoo Soap – Spicy Scent
 ·         Hand carved cedar soap deck  

 Relaxing Lavender gift set 
 ·         Bar of Lavender Soap 
 ·         Bar of Lavender Rosemary Soap
 ·         Bar of Lavender Cypress Soap   

Holiday Gift Set - Food Scents
 ·         Bar of Cranberry Soap
 ·         Bar of Peppermint Soap
 ·         Bar of Gingerbread Soap  

 Traditional Holiday Gift Set
 ·         Bar of Bayberry Soap
 ·         Bar of Balsam & Cedar Soap
 ·         Bar of Frankincense & Myrrh Soap