Since opening our retail store last autumn, The Old Colony Company has been thrilled to be featuring exclusive works from Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio in our downtown Frederick and online stores.

orange handblown glass candleWe have long been fascinated with the art of glassblowing. Glassblowing is one of the few art forms in which one can watch the artist transform raw materials into an art piece uninterrupted from start to finish. To the observer, glassblowing combines the art of sculpture and painting with elements of dance. Glassblowers make the process of working 2,000° F molten glass into fine works of art almost effortless, yet their timing and movements are calculated and deliberate.

When we went searching for a partner to create containers for our candles we didn’t have to look far. Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio, located in Laytonsville, Maryland is the largest state of the art glass studio in the Mid-Atlantic, renowned for their exquisite custom work, restorations and glassblowing instruction.

About Art of Fire

We have been fortunate to work with two of Art of Fire’s talented resident artists: Foster Holcombe and Todd Hansen.

Foster Holcombe’s interest in glass began in 1976 with his stained glass studio in Denver, Colorado. While attending a summer seminar in enameling techniques at Pilchuck in 1978, Foster became interested in hot glass. In 1980-81 he studied glassblowing, decorating and technology in the Stourbridge area of England, the heart of England’s glass industry.

In 1985, Theda Hansen joined Foster and together they have designed a line of glass uniquely their own. Between them, Foster and Theda offer more than 30 years of art experience. Todd Hansen joined the studio 1999, and is the artist who has produced the works you see at The Old Colony Company.

We appreciate Foster and Todd’s willingness to work with us to produce these beautiful and functional works of art.

Art of Fire at The Old Colony

handblown glass candlesArt of Fire currently produces custom glass candle holders and hand blown hanging ornaments exclusively for The Old Colony Company.

Each handblown glass candle is a unique work of art signed by artist Todd Hansen. Into each container we pour natural soy wax lightly scented with a fresh lemon zest fragrance. Soy wax burns cleaner than traditional, paraffin candle wax. Each 16 oz. poured candle measures 3.5" wide x 4.5" high, and is packaged in a premium gift box, making it the ideal gift for holidays or special occasions.

When you finished burning your candle, you may return it to us to be refilled in a scent of your choice for $12.00. If you choose not to refill the candle, you have a colorful work of art that makes an attractive home accent.

Back by popular demand this holiday season are our Christmas candles hand poured in a festive handblown container of deep reds and brilliant greens. These candles are scented with our Christmas Day fragrance producing a warm, comforting scent of evergreen and holiday spices.

handblown glass ornamentWe will also be offering 2013 keepsake hanging ornaments. These ornaments can be displayed throughout the year as objets d’art or suncatchers or as eye catching holiday decorations. Each handblown ornament is a unique design and available in a variety of transparent colors: green, blue, yellow, ruby red, purple and pink. These ornaments are substantial and measure approximately 4 x 4 inches. Hanging ornaments will be available for purchase online and in our Frederick store in early November.

Producing these candles and ornaments in partnership with Art of Fire helps achieve our goal of strengthening our local economy through sourcing from regional farms, artists & craftpersons. By purchasing one of these products, you are supporting a local network of artisan businesses in the Frederick area.

About Our Featured Artists

The Old Colony Company’s vision is to improve the quality of people’s lives and the vitality of local communities by developing fine and affordable goods in partnership with local artists and craft persons. Visit our store in downtown Frederick, Maryland at 113 E. Patrick Street to see other works by other local and regional artists.