The Old Colony Company is delighted to offer exclusive work of Hagerstown, Maryland area artist, Michael McIntyre of Fire Robin Farm Pottery.

michael mcintyre at potter's wheelLast summer we began drawing up plans to create a men’s shaving gift set to feature our Uncle Billy’s goat milk shaving soap. The center piece of this set would be a unique, handcrafted mug designed specifically for wet shaving. A mutual friend introduced us to Michael who was (thankfully) willing to take a chance on a scrappy start-up.

We were impressed by Michael’s work and willingness to collaborate on a design. All his work perfectly combines style and function. His pieces are meant to be used and enjoyed rather than kept on a shelf. The shaving mug he designed for us is no exception.

We had three main needs of our shaving mug that we could not find in another mug on the market: (1) It had to be ergonomically designed so it is easy to grip when shaving; (2) It had to keep the soap elevated, so it didn’t sit in water between uses; and (3) It had to have a stylish yet masculine design.

shaving mugThe final design exceeded all expectations. A thumbprint feature on the mug’s handle allows you to get a firm grip as you use the brush to whip up a lather. A removable clay biscuit sits at the bottom of the mug, which keeps the soap elevated and drains water away water. After shaving, standing water easily pours out of mug by removing the soap and biscuit. This biscuit extends the life of a bar of shaving soap by several months. The mug’s dimensions allow the brush to lay over the mug to dry evenly between uses.

About Michael

Michael Price McIntyre was raised on the eastern shore of Maryland. He is a film and video editor by training, and became interested in pottery in 2004,after assuming the role of full-time stay-at-home parent. “FireRobin” was coined by his aunt when searching for a business name for her hand-made puppet company that she founded in Vermont. FireRobin is derived from the family name – Feierabend.

Visit Michael’s website, Fire Robin Farm Pottery, for more information on his work, shows and directions to his studio.

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