Golden Ale - Beer & Goat Milk Soap

Golden Ale - Beer & Goat Milk Soap

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The aroma of a lighter bodied golden ale opens with a fruity nose and subtle, rounded sweetness. Notes of earthy hops and soothing oatmeal adds depth and balance to deliver a smooth, easy going, refreshing lather.

Translation: this soap smells like beer. Our other beer & goat milk soaps carry the notes commonly found in beer (citrus fruits, oats, spices, etc.), and do not smell like the actual brew. This one offers the full package: the notes, the grains and the hops coming together to produce the aroma of a fresh draught of ale.

Golden Ale soap is made using fresh goat milk from Caprikorn Farms, pale ale, and natural, moisturizing oils and butters, free of alcohols, detergents and harsh chemicals.

We make our soaps with seasonal ingredients in small batches and hand-cut them into bars. As a result, there may be very slight variations in color, size and shape between bars. Each bar is at least 4.25 ounces when cut.

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