June is summer! Father’s Day and Baseball! Hot Dogs, Cracker Jacks and BEER! 

Two great things that go great together: beer and goat milk create the ultimate skin conditioner. Beer contains ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and hair. Ingredients such as hops and yeast contain various anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that may provide numerous benefits including relief from skin ailments and strengthening hair follicles. Beer's properties along with goat milk's numerous moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits makes this Oatmeal Stout perfect for all skin and hair types. 

Scented with the essences of a classic stout: creamy oats, fresh orange peel, and nutty almond, this warm comforting scent will surely become a favorite. Oatmeal Stout soap is made using fresh goat milk from Caprikorn Farms, genuine oatmeal stout beer, and natural, moisturizing oils and butters, free of alcohols, detergents and harsh chemicals. 

We make our soaps with seasonal ingredients in small batches and hand-cut them into bars. As a result, there may be very slight variations in color, size and shape between bars. 

For June we are offering a special one bar of each of our three different beer soaps for only $15.00. This would make a great father’s day gift. 
  •  Oatmeal Stout - Beer and Goat Milk Soap 
  •  Raspberry Porter – Beer and Goat Milk Soap 
  •  Golden Ale – Beer and Goat Milk Soap 

In June we are also debuting two special limited-edition soaps with scents that will appeal to your father – great father’s day gifts. 
  •  Barber’s Rose Cream 
  •  Citrus and Oakmoss