June Soap of the Month
I don’t know about you, but I always found it difficult to shop for a Father’s Day Gift. Because let’s face it he already has everything he needs. I always want to give him something special that he will use. So, this month we created a special gift set Just for Dad’s. The three items in the gift set are all handmade in Gapland Maryland. The gift set is comprised of a bar of Barber’s Rose Cream Goat Milk Soap and a bar of Citrus Oakmoss Goat Milk Soap. The soap bars rest on a handmade cedar soap deck designed to keep the soap dry between uses so it lasts longer. 

This gift set is perfect for Father’s Day.

Barber’s Rose Cream
Can you imagine a masculine rose? This soap is made with Somali Rose, a deeply rich, smooth, powerful, and relaxing fragrance. It blends bergamot, patchouli, musk, and African rose to bring you a unique combination floral sensation. Don't be too concerned about the rose in the name; this is not a strong floral type. Very masculine and sexy - this exotic scent exudes self-awareness and confidence. 

 Citrus Oakmoss 
 This soap is a masculine walk in the woods - the citrus is dark and fantastic landing on that bed of green oakmoss - as close as we could get to Hermes Eau de Cologne