March Soap of the Month - Dead Sea Mud

March is Spring – a season of rejuvenation. The countryside landscape changes from snow white to muddy brown and finally to a soothing green.   Saint Patrick’s Day, green everything from clothing and hair to beverages, is celebrated in March. So, our soap of the month obviously had to be green.

Dead Sea Mud is world renowned for its therapeutic properties. Naturally rich in skin loving minerals, Dead Sea Mud helps detoxify and purify your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Our handmade Dead Sea Mud goat milk soap is a triple threat against problem skin. Natural botanical oils and fresh goat milk provide the moisturizing base. Dead Sea Mud cleanses and exfoliates while tonic properties of our essential oil blend of lemon myrtle, geranium and lemongrass help prevent skin blemishes such as acne.