May Soap of the Month - Tea Tree

When did washing your hair become so complicated … and expensive? People began experiencing dry damaged hair when they started buying mass-produced liquid shampoo made with industrial chemicals that dry your skin and hair. Their answer? More products. Conditioners, hot oil treatments, and so on and so on. 

Our answer is this herbal goat milk and olive oil shampoo bar that hearkens back to a time when all one needed for great hair was a handcrafted bar of soap with the right mix of moisturizing and essential oils. Simple. Effortless. Affordable. 

This unique shampoo bar is made with fresh goat milk from Caprikorn Farms and natural oils free of detergents and harsh chemicals. We’ve added lemon tea tree, rosemary and other essential oils that are beneficial for maintaining a healthy scalp and restoring hair’s luster.