Olive Oil Face Cream

Olive Oil Face Cream

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Our olive oil face cream is handcrafted in the tradition of Galen, a physician in second century Greece who combined olive oil and bee's wax to create a cold cream for smoothing and moisturizing skin.

Unlike commercial brands that contain cheaper and ineffective mineral and synthetic oils, our face cream follows the ancient recipe. Each jar contains pure olive oil enhanced with silk protein and vitamin E.

Mild, unscented and appropriate for all skin types, this face cream will not clog pores. We recommend it as body lotion for those seeking relief from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Use as an everyday face cream after washing. Apply dime size or smaller dollop and rub gently into the skin. The lotion absorbs easily and will leave your skin silky smooth, not sticky or greasy.

Because this lotion is super concentrated, a little goes a long way. A single jar typically lasts several months with regular use.

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