April Soap of the Month - Cool Water

Posted by Alice on 4/3/2021
April Soap of the Month - Cool Water
There is a classic saying - April Showers bring May Flowers. So Cool Water was the obvious choice for our April Soap of the month. Cool Water is a modern classic for men that captures the power and vitality of the ocean. Ultra clean, fresh, and

March Soap of the Month - Green Tea

Posted by Alice on 2/27/2021
March Soap of the Month - Green Tea
March is Spring – a season of rejuvenation. The countryside landscape changes from snow white and muddy brown to a soothing green. 

Saint Patrick’s Day, green everything from clothing and hair to beverages, is celebrated in March. So, our soap of the month obviously had to be green. 

February Soap of the Month - Lovespell

Posted by Alice on 1/26/2021
February Soap of the Month - Lovespell
Valentine day - love is in the air. And what says love better than a bar of Caprikorn Farms handmade Love Spell goat milk soap. It is the perfect size, shape, color, and scent. You cannot go wrong with a gift of Caprikorn Farms handmade Love Spell

January Soap of the Month - Oat & Goat (unscented)

Posted by Alice on 1/9/2021
January Soap of the Month - Oat & Goat (unscented)
Stay safe and wash your hands!!! 

Considering how many times a day we are now washing our hands, we need to use a soap that is both effective and gentle on our skin. Consider using our Goat & Oat soap. 

December Soap of the Month - Peppermint

Posted by Alice on 12/2/2020
December Soap of the Month - Peppermint
December Soap of the Month - Peppermint December is the HOLIDAYS!!!! This year during the pandemic, the holidays really need a special scent – not a traditional pine or fir but - peppermint. 

November Soap of the Month - Cranberry

Posted by Alice on 11/1/2020
November Soap of the Month - Cranberry
When I think of November, I think of Thanksgiving. A celebratory dinner feast with family and friends featuring roast turkey accompanied by a cranberry side dish. 

 The cranberry is one of the most common, commercially grown fruits native to North America. The cranberry's rich and illustrious history dates back before European settlers arrived here.

Open House – Come see where & how our soaps are made

Posted by Alice on 10/11/2020
Yes, we are having a real live open house! 

While some things may be a little different this year, we are making plans for a fantastic family fun experience at Caprikorn Farms. We are abiding by Maryland State guidelines for Covid-19. At all times, staff and guests are required to wear masks and socially distance between family groups. 

October Soap of the Month - Pumpkin Chai

Posted by Alice on 10/5/2020
October Soap of the Month - Pumpkin Chai
October is cool fall nights, corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Halloween and Pumpkins!!! Cooler weather demands warm toasty drinks. So, what could be better than handmade Pumpkin Chai Goat Milk Soap.

Thinking of You

Posted by Alice on 9/25/2020
Thinking of You
We are living in crazy times where you often cannot visit your loved ones.  An excellent way to stay in touch is to send them a “Thinking of You - Goat Milk Soap Gift Set”. Set includes 2 bars of our handmade goat milk soap and 

September Soap of the Month - Apple

Posted by Alice on 9/14/2020
September Soap of the Month - Apple
September is the start of fall and back to school. This year with the pandemic it might be a while before you attend school in person. However

August Soap of the Month - Sea Oats

Posted by Alice on 8/8/2020
August Soap of the Month - Sea Oats
Every August my family would spend weeks on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, where we enjoyed the miles and miles of unspoiled beaches bordered by tall wind swept sand dunes covered in sea oats. We would spend all day on the beach and in the

July Soap of the Month – Cucumber Melon

Posted by Alice on 7/3/2020
July Soap of the Month – Cucumber Melon
July brings a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. So naturally our soap of the month would need to feature fresh fruits and vegetables.

Summer – Time for Jewelweed Soap!

Posted by Alice on 6/24/2020
Summer – Time for Jewelweed Soap!
Jewelweed is nature’s answer to poison ivy. Last week Scott and I took two goats to a goat show which was held in an open field instead of an enclosed arena because of the pandemic. We parked our truck at the edge of the field in order to get some

June Soap of the Month-Oatmeal Stout beer & goat milk soap!

Posted by Alice on 5/31/2020

June is summer! Father’s Day and Baseball! Hot Dogs, Cracker Jacks and BEER!


Two great things that go great together: beer and goat milk create the ultimate skin conditioner. Beer contains ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and hair. Ingredients such as hops and yeast contain various anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that may provide numerous benefits including relief from skin ailments and strengthening hair follicles. Beer's properties along with goat milk's numerous moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits makes this Oatmeal Stout perfect for all skin and hair types.

Goat Milk Soap - It’s all about the goat milk and LOVE!

Posted by Alice on 5/9/2020
Goat Milk Soap - It’s all about the goat milk and LOVE!
Earlier this year The Old Colony soap making operation physically moved to Caprikorn Farms. For the last six years, Joe & Bob used the high-quality goat milk from Caprikorn Farms in their soapmaking. Now the soap is also being made at Caprikorn Farms.

May Soap of the Month – Lavender

Posted by Alice on 5/5/2020
May Soap of the Month – Lavender
May is Spring! May Day and Mother’s Day! Spring flowers blooming everywhere. One of my favorite spring flowers is Lavender. Using real lavender flowers and lavender essential oil, we have produced the most genuine, fragrant lavender soap you will find. 

Introducing Personal Goat Milk Soap To Go

Posted by Alice on 4/11/2020
We are introducing a new product - personal goat milk soap to go.  The soap is packed in a screw top tin so that you can throw it into your backpack or purse and have soap where ever you go.  Hopefully someday soon you will be able to throw the tin of personal to go soap into your gym bag or suitcase.  

Siehe, Ziegenmilch Soleseife! Introducing Goat Milk Brine Soap

Posted by Bob on 5/1/2016
Goat Milk Soleife Bars

Soleseife - or seaman’s brine water soap - is a traditional German soap recipe that dissolves sea salt and water. Our unique take on this popular European spa soap is to create the brine using milk rather than water, deeply cleansing and moisturizing your skin leaving it silky smooth.

When One Door Closes, A New One Opens

Posted by Bob on 5/24/2015

Old Colony Company Store SignSoap production at our Middletown facility is bursting at the seams. To better accommodate local and national demand for our handmade goat milk soaps and natural skin care products, we have closed our downtown Frederick store as of May 24, 2015 so we can devote our efforts to soap production and online retail.

"Mrs. Pretty" - The Aussie Who Inspired Our Dog Shampoo Bar

Posted by Bob on 12/14/2013

Everything has a backstory or source of inspiration. Soaps are no exception. The most notable backstory belongs to our dog shampoo bar - Mrs. Pretty's Pretty Bar. This is the story of how our Aussie inspires us to create the best all-natural soap for our canine friends and yours.

Welcome Great Pumpkin!

Posted by Bob on 10/19/2013

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin? No? Let us convince you. Read about this great American symbol of the autumn harvest and holidays, and how we are showing our appreciation through this years line of pumpkin themed products.

Featured Artist - Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio

Posted by Bob on 10/18/2013

The Old Colony Company is delighted to be featuring exclusive works from Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio in our downtown Frederick and online stores. Learn about these talented local artists and how we are working with them to bring you unique contemporary, handblown glass candles and objets d'art.

Care for Your Complexion with Wild Carrot & Tomato Goat Milk Soaps

Posted by Bob on 6/1/2013

wild carrot goat milk soapOur new Wild Carrot and Tomato goat milk soaps smell great and are therapeutic too! We designed these handcrafted soaps to improve complexion for specific skin types: Wild Carrot for mature, aging skin, and Tomato for oily and acne-prone skin.

Benefits of Using Genuine Dragon's Blood for Skin Care

Posted by Bob on 10/27/2012

dragon's blood goat milk soapNew for Fall/Winter 2012 - healing and rejuvenating Dragon's Blood goat milk soap and lotion bars. Learn about the proven benefits of genuine Dragon's Blood, a bright red resin from the Sangre de Drago tree native to South American rainforests

The Old Colony Co. Grand Opening Event, Sat. Oct 6, 2012

Posted by Bob on 9/29/2012 to Press Releases
New Frederick Boutique Offers Locally Produced Bath, Body & Home Goods (Press Release)