Summertime has always inspired me since childhood. When I was kid, summer was the most creative time of the year. Unconfined by school’s strict rules, I could play, swim, read, and build things on my own terms. On a typical summer day, my friends and I built cities out of sand, sticks and wood scraps for our Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. One summer, we called our collective building effort “One Helluva Job Construction Company” – my first entrepreneurial venture. One Helluva Job created miniature cities for miniature cars, full-scale forts and other seasonal kid structures.

My friends and I would begin the day with a blank sandbox. Each of us would build structures for our imaginary Matchbox car owners. Our inspiration was the world around us, from our town to television. We built California-style hillside homes for The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin and his bionic girlfriend Jamie Sommers, as well as log cabins on mud puddles that more closely resembled life in northern Michigan.

In retrospect, “One Helluva a Job” was more than just child’s play. It shaped my values as an adult. I learned early on that a collection of individual contributions and ideas makes a stronger community more that than single person’s vision or a forced consensus. I also learned that the best way to learn is through experimentation and play, and to approach everything with enthusiasm for creating something new and different.

We approach soap making with the same “One Helluva Job” enthusiasm. We are always playing, experimenting, and trying new ways of making the best products possible. Nature’s great couplings – combinations of unique botanical scents that create something better than its parts, inspired our newest products:

  • Bay Rum & Lime: combination of lime and bay oil creates a fresh, slightly spicy scent favored by classic Hollywood’s leading men.
  • Eucalyptus & Calendula: bright, invigorating eucalyptus is balanced with mellow calendua flower to create a mood elevating scent in a soap with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Lemongrass and Ginger Shampoo Bar: This all-natural, herbal shampoo bar is all you need for clean, healthy hair. Because it is made with natural botanical oils and free of chemicals, you won't need conditioner to counteract dryness caused by your bottle shampoo.
  • Meyer Lemon: Genuine lemon essential oils in fresh goat milk soap create a refreshingly unique scent reminiscent of the highly prized, sweet Meyer Lemon.
  • Oakmoss & Sandalwood: Aromatic notes of woodsy oakmoss combine with sensual sandalwood and calming chamomile to create a deep, rich scent that is equally popular with men and women.

Currently on the curing racks, we have a number of scents inspired by the scents of mid-summer – from fruits such as apples and peaches, florals like honeysuckle and osmanthus to unique herbal combinations of lemongrass, sage and patchouli.

We are also experimenting with blending our own essential oils so we can offer the most naturally scented soaps possible. Currently, we have over 30 unique blends curing, and will be soaping some of these in the coming weeks.

Like One Helluva Job, The Old Colony is a collaboration of family, friends and customers. Let us know of scents you’d like us to try in our soaps or lotion bars.